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A Journey From Madness to Forgiveness
September 21, 2019



America’s Descent into Madness

America is at a breaking point. The current administration’s actions have torn the country apart. We’re essentially two tribes locked in a cold civil war. Many people have lost connection with family members and close friends over this divide. We need to start to listening to each other across political and cultural lines again. The consequences of not working to resolve these differences will likely have consequences that we’ll all regret. Millions of Americans are deeply concerned by this situation but not sure how to find common ground again. American Times is about working to resolve these conflicts among citizens. It is in no way about excusing the behavior or normalizing the actions of the President.

The Journey to Forgiveness

This first-person journey seeks to discover ways of working through the madness to arrive at a genuine place of forgiveness and understanding. Director Jon Vander Pol will first learn communication techniques from several masters of empathy and communication. He will then meet with family and friends with whom he has had fierce disagreements. No one has to capitulate or forsake their personal values, but if we don’t start working towards empathy and understanding, there is no hope for reconciliation. This journey aims to be one piece of the puzzle in putting the United States back together again.