Made In The U.S.A.
The Artists Working On This Project
August 23, 2019

Jon Vander Pol

Writer, Director, Producer

Jon’s debut feature length documentary, Exported From Michigan, won best documentary honors at three of the seven film festivals it was screened in. Before getting into documentary filmmaking, Jon co-founded Infamous Network with Jeff Daverman, working as an artist, graphic designer and screen printer.

Peter Simon

Cinematographer, Producer

Peter has been working in film for over 15 years. He’s been a member of the International Cinematographers Guild in New York City (IATSE Local 600). Peter is primarily a camera assistant but has also made two short films, Kerouac’s Denver and Headlong. He is currently writing his first feature-length screenplay.

Isaiah Murray


Isaiah has spent over 18 years working in film and television. His lifelong passions include sailing, music and creating compelling visual images for documentary films. He was one of the key cinematographers on Pine Drive Picture’s last documentary, Exported From Michigan.

Will Kingston

Editor, Producer

Will has edited shows all across the television spectrum, from the Food Network to the Outdoor Channel. He’s also directed multiple award winning short films and knows how to craft a story from start to finish. As an editor he helps guide an audience through the journey without holding their hand, allowing them to draw their own conclusions.

Alexandra Vander Pol


Alexandra has dedicated her career to raising funds and awareness for local and national nonprofit organizations such as American Humane, National Jewish Health and the Special Olympics. Her campaigns and events with diverse organizations and communities have produced sustaining programs for the greater good.

Jeff Daverman


Jeff is an independent artist, designer and business owner. He co-founded Infamous Network with Jon Vander Pol in 1996 and has been producing the Root Concepts line of original art on stickers, apparel and canvas prints ever since. His many artistic disciplines including painting, drawing, photography and graphic design.

Sam Vail

Music Soundtrack

Sam is a music lover who grew up on his parents’ Beatles records. As Sam grew older, his obsession with the guitar grew stronger. After spending years touring and playing in bands, he branched out into producing and recording music. Sam has produced and played with acts including Vailcode and Another Grand Design.

Simon Wilkinson

Music Score

Simon is a musician and composer who creates music for film, television and documentaries. His style is often described as heavily texturally based, combining complex atmospheric ambient soundscapes with often simple melodic structures which attempt to mirror the narrative of the visuals.

Mark Lavengood

Music Soundtrack

Mark has toured the music circuits for over 10 years. Wearing a multitude of hats as a multi-instrumentalist, singer & songwriter, band leader, teacher, active member of Michigan’s Earthwork Music Collective. Affectionately known as “Huggy Bear” he employs his skill sets to engage with communities through song and voice and collaboration

John Richard


Currently the Spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Transportation, John spent many years as a cinematographer for the local NBC affiliate WOODTV8 in Grand Rapids, MI. John shot many of the key interviews for Exported From Michigan and brings another talented eye behind the camera to the project.